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Canna Coco Natural Growing medium 50l

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Canna Coco Natural Growing medium 50l Used for growing in pots, Canna Coir is made from the refined husks of coconuts and is very airy for an ample supply of oxygen to your plants.
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Canna Coco Natural Growing medium 50l

Canna Coco is coconut fibre; it has been used for several years now as a growing medium in the indoor horticultural industry and is becoming increasingly popular. Canna Coco is a substrate, which is environmentally safe, economical, bio-degradable and user friendly.

Canna Coco has several important qualities when used as a growing medium. Since the source of the substrate is found above ground, it is naturally free of typical soil diseases. The coconut's organic complex contains trichoderma, a mould that works to keep root diseases in check and stimulates root development.

Canna Coco contains approximately 75% water and 25% air - an ideal ratio for almost any culture. This capacity to hold water makes the medium particularly suitable to cuttings whilst allowing oxygen to flow around the roots. Canna Coco substrate can be used several times and is environmentally friendly. The disposal is simple, just empty the finely ground flakes over any garden bed.

Canna Coco 50 litre

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1 x pallet = 60 bags

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