Budget PC Grow Room

Budget PC Grow Room

Our All New "PC GROW ROOM" is the smallest self contained growing system on the market! Grow one to three small plants from start to finish, Just add water and seeds!
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"Case & Light Package!

We are the sole maker and supplier of the " Budget Pc Growroom" in Europe!

!  Our All New "BUDGET  GROW ROOM" is the cheapest and  smallest self contained growing system on the market! Grow one to three small plants from start to finish, with low hassle, low cost, less mess, and most importantly discreatly with rapid turn around times! Just add water and seeds!


We would like to introduce to you the "BUDGET PC GROWROOM". We are the sole supplier and producer of the pc grow room in Europe. The Pc growroom is an amazing piece of kit, that produces unbeliveable results within a small self contained growing enviroment. It uses the latest in hydroponic equipment, lighting, and grow room technology all built hidden and confined within a, inconspicous real pc!


The micro design of the PC Grow Box is breathtaking; inspired by something from terminator. 
The PC Grow Box draws in and dispenses cold air out the rear of the pc this ensures your unit will always run cool, while your plants inside flourish; via a cool running, full  dual spectrum floro lighting system.

The Pc Growroom is perfect for any one who wants to  grow, or learn how to grow, or grows as a hobby, it is very cheap to run and maintain, Roughly around 50p a week! Due to the latest technology in lighting! no more expensive and dangerous hps bulbs!

The " BUDGET PC GROWROOM" is perfect for an expert or beginner, as a tutorial e-book and a tutorial dvd on growing and hydroponics are included in the package! But the main advantage of the pc growroom is that it it does 99% of the work for you! So if your going on holiday for 2 weeks  then the pc growroom will look after and feed the plants for you!

The pc growroom has an optional remote control transmitter, so if you need to quickly neutralise all power to the unit it can be done so in an instant with a remote control key fob (optional upgrade)

The Budget pc is the biggest pc growroom available on the market to date! it is built  Bult by trained  tradesman!
be weary of cheap  and unsafe imitations


The Pc Grow room uses the latest lighting technology specifically designed with micro growers in mind, With this unit we will supply you with 1 x 125w genuine  DUAL SPECTRUenvirolite high lumen(power) bulb, as plants need different certin spectrums to perfom best at different stages of there growth.  These bulbs are not like your everyday fluorecent bulbs they produce over 10 x time more lumens that a normal fluorecent bulb   (it is the amount of lumens that is important for the plant to grow! Not the amount of wattage) for example a 200w watt house bulb may produce 100 lumens but a 100w envirolite will produce close to 10,000 lumens

These envirolite bulbs are ultra low heat which means you can basically touch the bulb with your hands, this allows the plants to produce a considerably larger amount of plant matter and allows them to grow as large as is physically possible in a confined space with out worrying about heat burn and damage to the plants, (unlike conventinal hps bulbs which need to at least   6" - 12" inches away from the bulb or the plants will burn.)

The light unit is built in to the case with an internal ballast and is controlled by a digital 24 hour timer, so can be set to come on and off when nessecery so you do not have to worry about being around!

Powerful Front Turbine Fans Bring In & Circulates Fresh Air Around Your Plants





Free tutorial DVD and E-Book to help you learn about hydroponics and how to grow from start to finish.


If you have a problem, need help or cant find the answer to your question or would just like a little advice, we offer 24/7 email support and daily live chat so you can speak to us in person about your problem or question!

1 x Pc Grow room

 125W Envirolite fluorecent  dual spectrum light with internal ballast for the vegatative and flowering stages - Specifically designed for micro hydroponics

 (do not confuse these with house hold fluorecents, these produce over 20 x more lumens and are specifically designed for growing)

Enough mylar to cover the inside of your pc, which we will fit - mylar is 99% reflective so all of the light will be directed to the plants with no waste!

1 x High power co-axial fans and powerpacks

Customer testimonials

" I really do not know what to say....... i really happy with the grow room,  i am lost for words it looks amazing ! I will definately recommend you to my friends! thank you again!"

"This is a great invention and its everything i hoped it would be, im completely new to the idea of hydroponics and indoor growing so the e-book was a big help, all the best and keep up the good work"

"I cant belive how cool this actually looks, even better than in the pictures, my friends are proper impressed and are now considering buying now they have seen mine"

"I recently purchased a pc grow room from you, and had no idea about hydroponics but after watching the dvd and 20 mins on your online support i am fully clued up, good idea with online support! very helpfull

"Thanks a lot buddy arrived in perfect condition, took me 10 minutes to set up and hey presto! only problem is i cant stop playing with the remote controll lol, just to let you know i will be placing another order within the month for my brothers birthday....discount maybe? :D"

 Dimensions: 533mm x 265mm x 578mm

The Bigest pc growroom on the market!

pc growroom video

Delivery is 7-10 working days on "growrooms" but please allow up to 21 days for busy periods & High Demand! Contact Sales@hg-hydroponics for an esitmated delivery date

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