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Buddhas Tree Booster Trio - Flower Burst, Pk 9/18 And Advanced Meta Boost

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Buddhas Tree Trio - Pk 9/18, Flower Burst & Meta Boost! Fat Results with a slim price, just how we like it! A great uk designed and made brand creating huge waves in the uk market with their great results and value for money
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Buddhas Tree Booster Trio - Flower Burst, Pk 9/18 And Advanced Meta Boost
(Optional Buddhas Tree silicic Acid)

Buddhas Tree Trio - Pk 9/18, Flower Burst & Meta Boost! Big Results with a small price, just how we like it! A great uk designed and made brand creating huge waves in the uk market with their great results and value for money, if you haven't tried it already your a step behind.

Use this trio amongst your favourite brand of base nutrient

250ml Buddhas Tree Flower Burst
Flower Burst is a unique new product from Buddhas Tree that has been specifically created for use during your plants pre-flowering and early flowering stage. It promotes explosive flower set without hindering continuing vegetive growth, creates an increased number of flower sites and ensures a seamless change into the pure flowering phase of the bloom cycle in a way that more closely matches your plants needs. This results is a quicker and much more efficient flowering response. which is achieved in the kindest and safest way with a carefully composed blend that uses the same highest quality raw food safe materials that made our best selling PK 9-18 such a success.

The science behind it
When the photoperiod is reduced to induce the flowering response, it may seem to some growers early on that it is the beginning of a dormant period for your plants whilst you wait patiently for flowers to appear. In reality, it begins an important transitional time for your plants, both externally and internally, where many changes will take place. As we know, when these changes from vegetive to flowering growth occur, your plants nutritional needs also begin to change, hence why base nutrients are made with a separate `Grow` and `Bloom` formula to loosely reflect this changing demand. But when is the right time to change from one to the other?

When it comes to the first few weeks of early flowering the plants are in a cross over phase where their needs are different from what it is possible to give them from just a single `Grow` or a `Bloom` base nutrient. During this time your plants are doing many things. They are still busy with vegetive growth above the ground, increasing secondary leaf production, building branches and increasing the amount of internodes that will eventually form the structure of your flowers and fruit. The leading element for healthy vegetive growth is Nitrogen and this is reflected in a `Grow` nutrients NPK ratio with high N ratio and low P(Phosphorus) and K(Potassium). This sudden increase in vegetive growth during the first weeks of pre-flowering is the reason that a lot of growers keep their plants on `Grow` nutrient for the first week or so of their bloom cycle, as they know that the Nitrogen content of a `Bloom` nutrient is often not enough to maximise the plants vegetive growth spurt at this time, But herein lies an issue.

There are also huge, equally important changes happening below in the root zone that you cant see, where your plants are accelerating their production of roots so that they will be able to maximise nutrient uptake during the later most productive and demanding phase of the flowering cycle. The most important element in this phase of vigorous root growth is Phosphorus. So whilst a `Grow` nutrient ensures healthy and speedy above ground growth it hasn't the necessary Phosphorus type and amount to maximise the below ground root growth essential for maximum When to use itweek 1-3 of flowering

Buddhas Tree pk 9/18 250ml
New! Buddhas Tree! pk 9-18 Booster!  The Pinnacle of boosters.
Twice the strength of the most popular bloom booster. pk9-18 stimulates plants uptake of nutrients, increasing oils and sugars which make for better and bigger yeilds and fruits.

It is the first true hydroponic soluble solution with the element ration of 9-18 measured by weight and not by volume. completetly safe for the plant consumption in the E.U

use 0.25ml per litre for 2 weeks at the start of the bloom cycle, only take the dosage to 0.5ml per litre in the last 2 weeks of use, use until 1 week  from harvest,

Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta Boost 1 litre
Buddhas Tree have introduced Advanced Meta-Boost which actively boosts your plants metabolism leading to bigger and more fragrant blooms! Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost is designed to be used during the flowering/fruiting period, along withBuddhas Tree - PK 9-18, for a crop that can't be beaten!

Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost is crammed full of goodness for your plants. It contains several ingredients such as amino acids, seaweed extract, plant sugars, plant hormones and some special secret additives which all work together to give you the best possible harvests, time and time again.

Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost can be used with any brand of base nutrient. For best results use a quality brand of base nutrient and use with Buddhas Tree PK 9-18.


 Buddhas Tree Solar Power Silicic Acid 250ml

The virtues of supplementing your plants with silica is generally well understood by the growing community. At Buddhas Tree we consider it to be an essential part of any nutrient regime. So what is the new understanding and new innovation? Why Solar Green Power over another silicon product? The answer to all three ultimately lies in the form of silicon that enters the plant. Silicic acid is the simplest most soluble basic form of silica. In nature plants uptake silicon in this purest form of silicic acid from the soil where it naturally occurs. It is also the only form of Silica that is directly available to all of the plant and its biological systems

250ml flower burst
250ml pk 9018
1 litre meta boost
(optional 250ml silicic acid)
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