Autogrow Intellidose 3 x Peristaltic Pumps

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4 Part Solenoid Board: Includes 4 Solenoids, mounting board and all hardware for intellidose
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To be used in conjunction with Autogrow Intellidose or Nutridose

In order to have a complete pH & TDS/EC dosing system you need to purchase the Intellidose Complete, either the 4-Part Solenoid Board or the Peristaltic Triple Pump Set, at least one pH Stock Tank Kit or Acid Tank Fitting Kit, and either a set of 1-Part Nutrient Stock Tank Kits or Nutrient Tank Fitting Kits (one kit for each nutrient part i.e. 2 kits for a 2-part nutrient or 3 kits for a 3-part nutrient). You will also need to "tee" off of your existing water pump (if it is strong enough) or purchase at least a 200 gph

Peristaltic Triple Pump Set: Includes 3 commercial grade dosing pumps; 1 pump for your "A" nutrient, 1 pump for your "B" nutrient, and 1 pump for either pH up or pH down. If you wanted to dose a 3-part nutrient solution, you would use all 3 pumps for your 3 nutrient parts and then purchase a Single Solenoid to use for the pH up or pH Down. You could also purchase 2 Single Solenoids to dose both pH up and pH down (although most growers find they only need to dose one or the other). Peristaltic pumps are similar to what you might find in a hospital or an operating room; they pump very precise amounts of liquid. The main advantages that the Peristaltic pumps have over using Solenoid valves is that Solenoids require gravity to function. The stock tanks containing the nutrients have to be placed above the solenoids, and the solenoids have to be placed above the reservoir. The Peristaltic pumps don't have this limitation, since they can suck the solution from the stock tanks, even if the tanks are placed lower than the pumps, and pump them into the reservoir, which can also be placed either higher or lower than the pumps. Peristaltic pumps are also more accurate at metering out specific amounts of nutrients and don't require as much "dialing-in" as Solenoids do.

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