Alien Hydroponics RDWC Kits - Black Series

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Alien Hydroponics RDWC Kits - Black Series One of the best and most sophisticated multi pod DWC Hydroponic kits from Alien hydroponics. A no Frills version of there award winning RDWC Pro range.
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Alien Hydroponics RDWC Kits - Black Series

Award Winning Alien Hydroponics deep water culture recirculating hydroponics systems, RDWC

Available in 20L or 36L Pots

The next generation ALIEN® RDWC systems have many new features and are available in either the “Black Series” or “PRO Silver Series”

The fittings are now threaded and secured with rubber washers and nuts making system installation and relocation easier. Heavy duty clips situated on the sides of the pots elevate the airlines off of the floor. 
The Net Pot is much improved and is now manufactured in Supersoft™ material to avoid root damage. The square design suits rockwool cubes, but it remains round on the outside so rotation is still possible. The base includes a raised grid to lift the cube slightly to avoid being over saturated. 

All RDWC systems now come with factory fitted chiller fittings on the side of the header making chiller installation simple.

The new Jet-Stream™ air pumps have been designed with Deep Water Culture in mind and boast a high pressure while still retaining low noise and wattage. They feature a double damping system for noise absorption and the twin air chambers produce a large quantity of air at a strong pressure. 

CAMO® Tanks are recommended to keep the optimum nutrient solution level maintained.

Recirculating Deep Water Culture is a method used to grow plants with roots submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution.

By using the ALIEN® RDWC hydroponic system you can optimise maximum growth potential. The super oxygenated nutrient solution is constantly recirculated around the system. The water pump creates a current which draws the solution through the pots, mixing the nutrients. This current also delivers the vital nutrients to the roots, optimising root health and increasing nutrient uptake efficiency. Importantly, PH and EC levels are continuously maintained due to the high volume of water contained in the system.

Key Benefits
Super oxygenated
Reduced veg time
Uniform PH & EC
Plug in and grow
Minimal medium

Key Benefits
Threaded 32mm fittings
Heavy duty pots
Elevated airlines
Square net pots
Chiller ready
Net pots
Pot clips
32mm Straights
32mm Elbows
Pipe cutters

Air stones

4mm green
16mm green
19mm black
32mm green

System specification:
Minimum footprint: 
Length: 1.1m Width: 0.7m
(Pots as close as possible)
(without tank)
Maximum footprint: 
Length: 1.36m Width: 0.96m
(with supplied amount of pipe)
(60cm plant centres)

System Volume: 75L

Air pump
CAMO® Tank volume: 120L
Water chiller: 150L
Plant centres: 50cm
Veg time: 7-10 days

Models Available in this Range

Alien Hydroponics 4 pot  RDWC Black Series
Alien Hydroponics 6 pot  RDWC Black Series
Alien Hydroponics 8 pot  RDWC Black Series
Alien Hydroponics 9 pot  RDWC Black Series
Alien Hydroponics 10 pot  RDWC Black Series
Alien Hydroponics 12 pot  RDWC Black Series
Alien Hydroponics 15 pot  RDWC Black Series
Alien Hydroponics 16 pot  RDWC Black Series
Alien Hydroponics 18 pot  RDWC Black Series
Alien Hydroponics 21 pot  RDWC Black Series
Alien Hydroponics 24 pot  RDWC Black Series
Alien Hydroponics 28 pot  RDWC Black Series
Alien Hydroponics 32 pot  RDWC Black Series
Alien Hydroponics 36 pot  RDWC Black Series
Alien Hydroponics 48 pot  RDWC Black Series
Water tank and air pump now sold separately, any universal air pump or water tank can be used.
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