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Our Affiliate program is free and easy to join!

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Make Money by selling our products or sending us paying customers/traffic!! its that easy!

send us 10 paying customers a week spending £100 each and well pay you £200 a month!
Send us 25 paying customers a week spending £100 each and well pay you £500 a month
Send us 40 Plus paying customers a  week spending £100 each and well pay you £1200 a month!

Here's how it works

1.Sign Up and Place banners/links/prodcut links directing  on your site or anywhere on the internet.
2.Visitors then click the links you placed to which brings them through to our site
 to purchase equipment.
3.For each purchase piece of equipment, you earn a guaranteed 5% in referral fees. This percentage can increase to 20%, depending on the volume of sales you generate each month.

Earn money on each sale

Joining the HYDRO-GROW uk Affiliate Program is EASY & FREE!

First, click the link below and complete the online application. Once you've been approved, simply add one or more Hydro-Grow links or Banners to your website (for example). Each time a customer clicks on your link to our site and orders some equipment from, you'll earn a minimum 5% commission up to 20%. A single £100 order earns you £5!

Worldwide potential

Hydro-grow offer the biggest, range of grow cabinets in europe with a huge array of equipment to go with it from From budget plastic grow box's to tope of the range selfc controlled grow cabinets at abasoloutely the best prices! our range is continually growing and  expands on a weekly basis!

When you join the Hydro-Grow affiliate program, we'll be here to help you increase your sales. Our dedicated sales staff is available to answer any questions you may have. If a customer clicks one of your link's and returns to the site up to a month later you will still earn 5% - 20% of the sale if the customer purchases items!

Who should participate?

Hydro-Grow primary focus is is on grow cabinets vetical grow systems and grow tents, so our Affiliate Program is perfect for providing a complementary range of products and an additional revenue stream to:

•Growing and Seeds Portals 
Gardening and seeds website!
Other hydroponic shops
gardening centres
Gadget stores
Reltated website owners
•Shopping sites 
•Herb and Tobacco Related Portals 
•Individual websites with smoking and/or growing info 
•Virtually every site whose visitors are likely to have an interest in Hydroponics or gardening
People who spend a lot of time on the internet,boggers and on forums and have high traffic sites

Making money is easy

Hydro-Grow uses state of the art Affiliate software to facilitate and manage the affiliate program, thus ensuring accountability and the most accurate tracking and reporting of referral sales. And it costs nothing to join our program.


Payments are made in full on the last day of each month by cheque or bank transfer!


Place the links and graphics on websites, forums, and social networking sites such as facebook, use them as your signature in forums, the more links you place across the internet the more customers and sales you will generate. If you sell 1 grow cabinet at an average of £1000 thats £50 you will instantly receive

"Our Best Current affiliate currently generates around £5000 a month"

Click here to Join our Affiliate Scheme

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