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Advanced Nutrients Nirvana

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Advanced Nutrients Nirvana - organic The name of this breakthrough formula is Advanced Nutrients Nirvana. It makes your plants give you bigger flowers because its kelp co-factor extracts work specifically on the flowering pathways inside your plants.
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Advanced Nutrients Nirvana - organic Booster

When you look at what Nirvana has in it and how these organics work for you, that’s why Nirvana is the number one choice of growers seeking an organic way to maximize yield and quality.There’s a superstar list of ingredients on board for you, including alfalfa extract that enhances growth and yield in your hydroponics plants because it contains triacontanol, a powerful molecule that increases your plants’ absorption of C02. Along with many other organic elements it also includes a substance called ‘Azomite’, a truly miracle substance that includes virtually every element on earth that is contained within azomite. You’ll notice that many of azomite’s ingredients are essential nutrients for your plants. For your convenience, Advanced Nutrients extracted, standardized and combined these powerful compounds into one formula, called Nirvana.

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Use during all Grow and most of Bloom phase

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 You don’t have to sacrifice yield when you use organics. Growers just like you are using a new organic gardening bloom booster that gives you bigger flowers than you’ll get using most synthetic boosters.
Finally there’s an organic bloom booster that delivers large yields just like synthetic boosters do! It’s great for all kinds of gardening, including organic gardening, hydroponics, soil and other gardens where you grow high-value plants.

The name of this breakthrough formula is Advanced Nutrients Nirvana. It makes your plants give you bigger flowers because its kelp co-factor extracts work specifically on the flowering pathways inside your plants (kelp is a powerful sea plant containing flower stimulator ingredients not found anywhere else in Nature).
Nirvana is packed with the power of kelp. Growers like you have been using kelp for years as a fertilizer additive because it brings the power of the ocean into your garden so you get tidal waves of buds.

Kelp is unique among garden additives and has unsurpassed, unmatched indoor gardening benefits that you just can’t get from any other organic ingredient.

But only Nirvana maximizes the full potential of kelp to turn on a tidal wave of bud development.

Nirvana is the first and only hydroponics gardening formula ever to unlock the full power of kelp and deliver it directly, immediately to your plants so they give you bigger flowers.

Yeah, a few other products contain kelp, but not the right type, the right potency, or the right manufacturing process. You use those products and see no benefits at all.

You’re fortunate because Advanced Nutrients has corralled the world’s top kelp experts who helps us make Nirvana the top-producing kelp formula that gives you the ability to use all of kelp’s miracle benefits to make your garden produce better and bigger buds than you ever imagined possible.

That’s right, Nirvana is the 100% organic, kelp-enriched bio-activator that floods your grow room with big, beautiful buds. Hydroponics testing shows that the exclusive kelp co-factor extracts in Nirvana combine with the generous menu of other rich organic ingredients in Nirvana to make your plants bushier, thicker, covered in luscious flowers, aromatic, and seductively beautiful.

Kelp’s exclusive ability to power bigger flowers is just part of your organic gardening success story. Look at all else Nirvana does for you.

For example, one of Nirvana’s co-factors signals plants to enlarge their cells and make new cells faster so your hydroponics plants bulk up at an unusually high rate of speed.

And when your plants are young and vulnerable, Nirvana helps them resist stress and diseases that slow or kill clones, transplants and seedlings.

What’s more, Nirvana’s special ingredients make plants bushier so you don’t waste yield on vertical stem growth. Nirvana makes plants bushier than they normally would be.

Instead of putting on vertical growth like your plants usually do, Nirvana makes them put on horizontal growth.

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