Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur - Coco Bloom

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Advanced nutrients Connoisseur bloom for coco mediums is the most productive way to feed your crops to get bigger flowers. Connoisseur is the only two-part, ultra-premium hydroponic nutrients bloom phase formula that changes the way your plants produce flowers.
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Advanced nutrients Connoisseur Bloom for coco mediums

We all want our plants to get into peak bloom phase faster and to yield a bigger harvest. Now, a team of one dozen plant PhDs and their research assistants believe they have found the answer...PH Perfect Connoisseur. Instead of using low-quality, questionable ingredients the team at Advanced Nutrients invested heavily in putting to use only the most potent, most eff ective, most proven ingredients possible (ingredients no other company uses because of the high cost to both source and manufacture these ingredients into bloom fertilizers!) What’s more, Advanced Nutrients has also invested heavily into chelating a high percentage of the macro-nutrients used in pH Perfect Connoisseur to get your plants to bloom faster and keep them in that bloom phase longer!


If Your Coco Base Nutrients Don’t Contain This,
Your Plants Might Suffer Serious Deficiencies,
And May Eventually Die …

As we discussed, until now, because coco binds to calcium and magnesium, you had to risk starving your plants of these critical nutrients …

Many growers tried adding extra Ca and Mg using cal-mag supplements … but it’s hard to dial in the ratios just right …

The fact is only the highest quality, diversely chelated forms of magnesium and calcium – of the type and quality found in pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco – are able to deliver the nutrition your crops demand.

Lesser forms of these important minerals can leave your plants starving, and you’d be missing out on bigger, better yields.

(A lot of other companies will try adding dolomite lime as a quick-fix to solve this problem, but don’t be fooled—it’s not the best solution because it’s extremely alkaline and significantly raises pH. As you are well aware, high pH can dramatically reduce your yields.)

Now that Connoisseur is available, you've got the newest, most productive way to feed your crops to get bigger flowers. Because Connoisseur is the powerful two-part ultra-premium hydroponic nutrients formula that makes your flowers swell up like they're on steroids. What's more, it's the only bloom fertilizer that changes the way your flowers develop, add potency, and ripen.

Connoisseur is the only two-part, ultra-premium hydroponic nutrients bloom phase formula that changes the way your plants produce flowers. Because of its unique ingredients, Connoisseur re-engineers bloom phase so your plants hit peak bloom earlier, add more resins and weight, and yet are ready for harvest in the same amount of time as always.

When you're using Connoisseur, you'll blink your eyes a few times wondering if you're seeing correctly. Instead of witnessing the usual flower development process you're used to, you'll notice your flowers are growing bigger and more succulent faster, especially during the peak weeks of bloom phase.

Connoisseur is the only comprehensive bloom phase fertilizer that gives you a proven bloom booster effect that greatly increases flower size, density, weight, aroma, and crop potency.

Connoisseur is 100% moneyback guaranteed to absolutely outperform any other bloom phase fertilizer. You’ll get larger, bigger, more profitable harvests, or your money back.

Connoisseur is a complete, ultra-premium bloom fertilizer to be used only in the bloom phase of growth. It works great with all varieties of plants you grow. The huge yields you get when you use Connoisseur by itself will be increased even more when you use it along with other Advanced Nutrients products.

Connoisseur is a professional product that costs more than other bloom phase fertilizers, but it’s worth every penny. Connoisseur makes your indoor garden produce bigger, higher quality, delicious harvests worth way more to you. The difference between what you pay for Connoisseur and what you’d pay for cheaper two-part bloom fertilizers is made up many times over by increased yield Connoisseur gives you.

When growers do the math, they find that Connoisseur pays for itself in vastly multiplied harvest yield and quality. Connoisseur is a professional formula. After growers have logged several crop cycles of hydroponics experience and are expert, professional growers, Connoisseur is their best choice to get bigger, better yields than any other formula ever devised.

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