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  • Plant leaf Trimmers & Scissors
    Plant leaf Trimmers & Scissors, heavy duty and spring loaded plant trimmers and scissors for small and big jobs.
  • Lighting Accessories
    Large selection of Hydroponic lighting accessories inc eazi rolls, yo yos, hiet shields etc
  • Hydroponic system Accessories
    Range of accessries and usefull items to comlpiment your hydroponic kit
  • Ventilation Accessories
    Selection of enviroment and ventilation accessories inc mettalic duct tape, reducers, fan brackets and clips etc
  • Measuring & Spraying
    Selection of water control accessories inc water sprayers, sryinges, and measuring jugs
  • Plant Support & Training
    Range of plant support and plant training systems used to increase yields and control the plants growth. The best technique produces the best results.
  • Reflective Mylar Sheeting
    Reflective Mylar Sheeting, Large range of premium silver mylar, diamond mylar black out mylar, black and white mylar, light tight, heat proof, grow room, light reflective plastic sheeting
  • Tapes adhesives and sealents
    A range of mettalic duct tapes, super strong woven duct tapes and waterproof sealents
  • Plant Microscopes
    Microscopes designed for plants, inspect for pests and to ensure your harvest is ready, the microscopes are also multi purpose
  • Garden Security & Safety
    Range of growroom and garden security, ip cameras, covert hidden cammera's, lcd monitors and more
  • Miscellaneous Accessories
    Large Selection of Miscellaneous Accessories
  • Soil, Seed & Fruit storage
    Soil, seed & fruit storage bags - zip lock bags, heat sellable bags, odour proof bags, small and large multi purpose zip lock bags.
  • Garden cleaning and protection
    Garden cleaning and protection, protective gloves and protective overalls, stop cross contamination, diseases and vernally running your clothes!
  • Hydroponics Books
    Books on Hydroponics, Hydroponics, books for new and experienced gardeners, help and how to guides for soil growing, books for coco growing and books for hydroponics and dwc bubblers.

Large selection of growroom accessories, including pruning scissors, reflective sheeting, heat resealable bags, duct tapes yo-yo's etc