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8" 200mm Can Extractor Fan  Silencer

Sometimes silence is important and if it is - you want to be sure you are using the best silencers there are. Our silencers have been tested and meet our approval for use with our fans. To use one of our silencers simply choose the model that matches the size of fan and attach on the output side of your extractor using one of our fast clamps. All our silencers are matched for each size of fan and require no reducers to make the necessary connections.

Perfect if you have large or noisy fans and need to reduce the noise

All of the Silencers within this range are of rigid construction and assist in reducing the noise levels when using any fan.

Tired of hearing fans? The solution is here!.

200cm x 45cm



Customer Reviews

8" 200mm Can Extractor Fan Silencer

8" 200mm Can Extractor Fan Silencer, silence your noisey extractor fan with german quality and german built fan silencers, suitable for all types of fans.