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600w WarpDrive digital  Light kit

The Maxibright Euro WarpDrive 600w electronic grow light kit has had rigorous in-house testing and proven reliability in the field that ensures quality and reliability.

The WarpDrive is a lightweight electronic ballast (1.2kg) that emits a higher lumen output from the lamp compared to a magnetic core ballast. It features soft start technology, silent operation, offers longer lamp life and runs both high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs. 

The Euro reflector is an open-ended reflector made of polished, hammered dimpled anodised aluminum. The Euro WarpDrive light kit is supplied with the Maxibright 600w Dual Spectrum high pressure sodium lamp to gain optimum results from your digital lighting package! 

*Recommended floor area/grow tent area: 1-1.2m x 1-1.2m x 1.8+m

**Please note: The cooling fins of this ballast will be hot to the touch in operation. We recommend hanging the ballast on a wall or placement for optimum cooling, or place the ballast on a solid flat surface. 

1 x maxibright warpdrive 600w ballast
1 x euroshade dimpled reflector
1 x Maxibright Dual spectrum lamp

upgrade to the 250w-660w adjustable pro warpdrive ballast for adjustable wattage



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600w Maxibright WarpDrive Digital Light kit

600w WarpDrive digital Light kit, digital 600w complete light kit, budget price for a premium brand light kit, ultra light weight digital ballast included.