6" Mountain Air Carbon Filter 150/500 575 M/3 - 0620

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6" Mountain Air Carbon Filter 150/500 575 M/3 - 0620 Due to their superior carbon quality and increased air flow these are the best filters on the market. 2 years use before refilling is not uncommon. Each filter is supplied sealed and boxed for maximum protection
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6" Mountain Air Carbon Filter 150/500 575 M/3 - 0620​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

3 Year Guarantee!

It's The Carbon that makes MountainAir™ Filters the Shining Star of indoor air cleaning technology. MountainAir4® is a rare carbon derived from sub-bituminous black coal deposited in a Pre-Cambrian formation some 280 Million years ago. It is from the oldest coal on earth, has an extrememly low ash content, and has a very unique chemistry and mesopore structure not found in other carbons and charcoals.

MountainAir™ Filters remove 99% of everything under 20 microns from the air in one pass. This includes All organic odors ( Bat Guano,Fertilizers and cigarrette smoke etc.) Someof the uses of these Superior Air Cleaners are: Food Processing, Indoor Growing, Restaurants, Mortuaries, or anywhere odors and air quality are an issue.

So what's so good about the MountainAir Activated Carbon Filter ?

To start with, the resistance to airflow is less than 10% through the filter. Some other carbon filters available have much greater resistance to airflow, which leads to increased noise and increased work for the fans. Secondly, over 99% of particles >5 microns are removed. We have yet to see another filter able to make these two claims. Thirdly, refilling can be done anywhere and requires only an inexpensive rivet tool ($10-$20 at most hardware stores).

*Indicative CFM: These air flows are indicative of a 37 month filter testing program, at the end of which time the tested filters were still 100% effective. We have also found the Indicative CFM to be the most economical area in which to run the filters (i.e. less electrical usage, fan wear, air noise, etc.).
** Maximum CFM: The filters can handle considerably more air than this rating, however, there are trade off's when running any air handling system at high air pressures. There is a point where it is more economical to go up to the next size filter and this is what the Maximum CFM represents. I.E. you could run a 400 CFM fan on a 6" x 20" filter, however it would be more economical to run a 400 CFM fan on a 8" x 20" filter. Although a larger filter may cost a little more, the savings in electrical usage, air noise, fan wear, etc. is a great trade off. Over the life of the system the additional cost will pay for itself many times over.

4" 100mm x 400m.

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Mountain Air
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