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4 inch Refillable Ac Infinity Carbon Filter
4 inch Refillable Ac Infinity Carbon Filter
4 inch Refillable Ac Infinity Carbon Filter
4 inch Refillable Ac Infinity Carbon Filter
4 inch Refillable Ac Infinity Carbon Filter

Product Description

4 inch Refillable Ac Infinity Carbon Filter


Reusable carbon filter features a patented design that eliminates the need to replace entire filters.

Includes 1+ refill to match the filtration capacity of two standard 4” carbon filters while costing less.

Removable twist-off flanges support easy, tool-free refilling using the included funnel and scoop.

Larger chamber is lab-tested to block odors as effectively as standard filters with no compression required.

Dual-layered steel mesh with protective coating withstands high humidity in grow tents through many grow cycles.


A wholly original replenishable carbon filter designed to permanently replace standard duct filters. This iF Award-winning patented structure can be regularly refilled to offer a cost-effective and sustainable solution for unwanted odors in your grow tent. The charcoal fan filter kit also includes 1+ refill, making it as efficient as two standard inline carbon filters while proving more affordable. You can purchase additional refills at a fraction of the price of an entirely new carbon scrubber to further increase the value of this kit. Features an expanded chamber that enables you to achieve factory carbon compression and the same lab-tested levels of odor-blocking effectiveness as standard carbon filters. This also eliminates the need for you to actively compress your replacement charcoal and facilitates the refilling process.


This first-of-its-kind filtration system removes the need to routinely purchase replacement filters and dispose of the old units. Each carbon filter features premium-grade Australian virgin charcoal and comes with 1+ refill. Its activated charcoal utilizes an enhanced surface area with a higher adsorption rate to help extend the time between refills. Further lengthen the charcoal bedding’s lifespan by reversing the filter’s easy-to-remove flanges. You can compost the used supply when replacing the charcoal to maximize its utility even further.


The activated charcoal is safely locked within your odor filter by aluminum flanges and a secure rubber seal. The filter itself employs two layers of galvanized steel meshing with a sandblasted finish to protect the charcoal bedding. These multiple layers work together to effectively block odors in even the most humid environments by ensuring increased resistance to rust and corrosion.


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4 inch Refillable Ac Infinity Carbon Filter

4 inch Ac Infinity Carbon Filter The high-airflow duct filter is designed to use activated carbon to eliminate odours and chemicals, popularly used for hydroponics, grow rooms, kitchens, smoking areas, and other ventilation projects.