Special Offers

  • 1.2m Light House Value Grow Tent Kit, just about everything you need to grow 4 plants from start to finis, uk premium quality brands including, tent. ventilation, lighting and accessories.
  • Grow plants 3-4 bigger 3-4 as quick with Our all new Large stealth grow cabinet. It iss one of the most discreet grow hydroponic box's on the market! Grow 1 to 40 plants at any one time, 20 in propagation/veg and 20 in flowering with our dual chamber grow cabinet
  • Lumii Black 600w light kit - Magnetic Kit,A Great all rounder light kit with 2 year warranty, one of the uks biggest value brands so rest assured quality and customer service will be on your side. Uk supplied. Includes lamp, ballast and reflector, suitable for start to finish.
  • Alien Hydroponics multi pot RDWC Dwc kit One of the best and most sophisticated multi pod DWC Hydroponic kits from Alien hydroponics. A no Frills version of there award winning RDWC Pro range.
  • E Papillion 600w 400v EL Grow light Professional grade 400v 600W lighting system. Rated one of the best grow lights on the market. Pound for pound its arguably the best grow light money can buy.
  • OG Growlite Air Cooled Parabolic Reflector One of the best reflectors on the market and one of very few that is air cooled and allows for vertical bulb hanging. A great reflector from canada that we highly recommend, Boost light by up to 30%
  • Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer Moonshine is an enhancing product that will get the best out of the nutrients you use. Moonshine will not raise your E.C, it is Ph stable and can used in conjunction with any nutrient regime
  • Lumatek ultimate Pro Digital Ballast 600w 240/400v he Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600 has been specifically designed to help the hobby-grower access the benefits of using electronics to control and power both 240V MH/HPS and professional 400Volt HPS horticultural lamps.
  • Mills - DNA Coco Mix with Cork, The coco mix is manufactured in Amsterdam from premium quality 100% natural raw ingredients and is infused with natural cork for unbeatable aeration and rapid root development.
  • Perfectph PH Balancer, ​​​​​​​The perfectpH is a revolutionary pH stabilizer that automatically balances the pH of your hydroponics system, keeping it in the ideal range for optimal nutrient absorption.
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