Special Offers

  • Kontrol 01 PH Monitor & Doser, The pH control dosing pump from prosystemaqua provides fully automated pH control of aqueous solutions in hydroponic and aquaponic systems
  • Ram Ultrasonic Humidifier, Keeping the right humidity levels in your grow room is highly important to the success of a plant. To assist in creating the right level of moisture in the growing environment
  • DIGIDRIVE 600w Variable Digital Grow Light Kit, The New Digidrive 600w digital like kit has four adjustable power settings for continuous flexibility during the whole growing and flowering cycles, utilise space in your grow room or tent with out compromising on performance.
  • Lumii Black 600w light kit - Magnetic Kit,A Great all rounder light kit with 2 year warranty, one of the uks biggest value brands so rest assured quality and customer service will be on your side. Uk supplied. Includes lamp, ballast and reflector, suitable for start to finish.
  • The LUMii SOLAR 315w CDM Full fixture light kit is  is a complete fixture that powers a 315w ceramic discharge lamp (CMD) that will give your plants the best possible spectrum of light. Professional grow light at a budget price
  • Maxibright Horizon Connect 315w CDM Light Kit. Brand new Horizon connect kit is a all in one full fixture professional grow light kit. use 3 x 315w kits to replace 2 x 600w, use less electrical increase quality and increase yields.
  • The TRIMBAG leaf trimmer. A Brand new product to hit the uk market, a non electrical alternative plant leaf trimmer. You basically fill the unit with the product to be trimmed,
  • Value Leaf Table trimmer - 3 Speed 18", This stand Leaf trimmer is used for separating protruding excess leaves and cutting twigs from a variety of plants and flowers.They can also be used to cut plants and bushes like rosemary,oregano,basil,mint
  • Dutch Pro Explode is a fantastic and effective BOOSTER, its a bloom stimulator guaranteed to give you huge increases in yield with consistent use. The Recipe is a Dutch Secret. Amsterdam Finest.
  • Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer Moonshine is an enhancing product that will get the best out of the nutrients you use. Moonshine will not raise your E.C, it is Ph stable and can used in conjunction with any nutrient regime
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