Special Offers

  • Grow Tent Package - Kit 1 - 600w smell proof, light proof grow tent kit, This Grow tent package is a Coco meidum Based grow tent kit designed for up to 4 x large plants. you can grow more or less but this is the numbr we recommend for this space,
  • Lumii Black 600w Digital Light kit 250w-660w, This 600w electronic ballast kit comes with an open ended and polished LUMii BLACK reflector with LUMii BLACK 600w HPS Lamp and LUMii Rope Ratchets.
  • Grow plants 2-3 x bigger and 2x3 as quick with our all new mini stealth grow cabinet, It is one of the most discreet grow box's on the market! Grow 1 to 20 plants from start to finish with Excellent results either in soil, coco or hydroponics.
  • Secret Jardin Monkey Fan - 16w MF16 New Monkey clip on Fan by Secret Jardin, to use in conjunction with any grow tent. With its unique coupling the fan is attached to the metal structure/frame in your grow tent.
  • Alien Hydroponics multi pot RDWC Dwc kit One of the best and most sophisticated multi pod DWC Hydroponic kits from Alien hydroponics. A no Frills version of there award winning RDWC Pro range.
  • Ecothrive COCO Clay Mix - 60/40 mix clay/coco, The ideal mix of 40% coco coir and 60% clay pebbles for optimum water holding in hydroponic systems, pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge for an unbeatable biological boost. 
  • Deep Bowl Parabolic Reflector 100cm Solid one piece giant parabolic reflector, white powder coated high quality includes e40 lighting fitting and cord set.
  • Dutch Pro Explode is a fantastic and effective BOOSTER, its a bloom stimulator guaranteed to give you huge increases in yield with consistent use. The Recipe is a Dutch Secret. Amsterdam Finest.
  • Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer Moonshine is an enhancing product that will get the best out of the nutrients you use. Moonshine will not raise your E.C, it is Ph stable and can used in conjunction with any nutrient regime
  • OG Growlite Air Cooled Parabolic Reflector One of the best reflectors on the market and one of very few that is air cooled and allows for vertical bulb hanging. A great reflector from canada that we highly recommend, Boost light by up to 30%
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