How To Treat Root Rot (Pythium) using Hydrotops Bactivator

How To Treat Root Rot (Pythium) using Hydrotops Bactivator

Treatment of root infections using Hydrotops bactivator

Hydrotops bactivator should be added weekly to all hydroponics systems to prevent root rot and spider mite infestations, but if you do like many forget to do this and end up with root rot, you can also treat those horribble brown slushy roots with bactivator

If you have not used bactivator before  and have a root infection we recommend double dosing.

  1. For every 50L of nutrient solution add two tablets and allow to dissolve. A small amount of residue ,any remain this is completely natural. For example 100 litres = 4 tablets needed
  2. Fill a clean jug or container with 500ml of Luke warm water (20c)
  3. Add the required number of tablets and allow to dissolve. A small amount of residue may remain this is completely natural
  4. To ensure the fasting acting treatment we highly recommend bubbling for 15 minutes with a small air stone. The solution with frith up during the process
  5. Add the solution to your tank. DO NOT add any catalyst as this will delay the treatment of the infection by providing an additional food source to the microbes

How often should I treat my plants

We would recommend treating your root infections every 3-4 days

It is important to work out why an infection has occurred, the common reason is poor drainage or over watering your pots


Do not use hydrogen peroxide unless absolutely necessary as this will restrict the bio-activity of the microbes and organic compounds in the catalyst solution  

How does bactivator that root infections

There are over 40 carefully selected beneficial microbes and fungi which will start to consume the damaged root tissue which is the food source for the infection and the fungus spores. The microbes will also form a protective barrier around the damaged roots, which contains the infection stopping it from attacking the root system further

Bactivator then promotes vigorous new root growth and healing. It will also oxygenate the root zone decreasing the risk of another infection.

Bactivator is 100% natural organic product containing no plant growth regulators or morphogenic chemical compounds

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