How to get rid of Thrips in your grow room.

How to get rid of Thrips in your grow room. 

How to get rid of thrips, Thrips can be an absolute bloody nightmare especially when you get them on indoor plants or within your indoor grow room, whether it be hydroponics or soil/coco they can quickly kill and eat your favourite crops and devastate the harvest. Luckily though we have a number of options and answers to help get rid of thrips in your grow room.

What are Thrips?


Thrips “Thysanoptera” are minute, slender insects with fringed wings and unique asymmetrical mouthparts. Different thrips species feed mostly on plants by puncturing and sucking up the contents, although a few are predators they do a lot of damage to your plants.

How did i get them?

There are usually only a handful of ways to get thrips.
1 – You or a friend brought them or the eggs in on your shoes or clothes
(always wear overalls and cover shoes when going in to your grow room )
2 – The eggs were already in the soil you brought in and used. (if you are growing in soil/coco)
(make sure you buy a reputable brand from a reputable source)
3 – They have come in through your ventilation or windows.
( mask windows with nets and ventilation points with bug sheilds or bug guards
4 – They were already in there before you started.
( fumigate rooms with smoke bombs that may be in question )

How do i get rid of thrips?

Safe natural options

Spray & Grow Thrips Protection
Guard & Aid for Thrip
Ed Rosenthal Herbal Insecticide
Guard N Aid Pest off

The more Hard core stuff

Guard n Aid Pest Off Smoke Bombs 

The Best

The best as always is prevention, however if you do get over run and want them gone immediately the best thrips killer as always are natural predators, yes thats right that does involve putting more bugs in your grow room however these bugs dont want your plants, they want thrips. Although may seem extreme this is the best and most natural way of getting rid with out affecting your plants.

Amblyseius cucumeris” The thrips predator  moves quickly to attack eggs, larvae and small adult thrips. Female thrips predators, while consuming two to three thrips a day, also lay two to three eggs a day, multiplying the beneficial insect’s population as it feeds.

This is going to be an ongoing article regularly added to over the next few weeks.

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