Green Air Genesis Formula – 3 part Set

Green Air Genesis Formula – 3 part Set​​​​​​​

Includes Microbase, grow and bloom.

The Genesis Formula, the professional’s choice by far, imported direct from the U.S.A. a three part nutrient system that can be used throughout the entire life-cycle of your plants from growth through flowering. All three nutrients work in unison with one another creating a perfectly balanced feed that provides your plants with exactly what they need and when. The Genesis system provides growers the chance to produce the most outstanding results with exceptional yields, whether you’re a complete beginner or a die-hard veteran, The Genesis Formula will quickly become your feed of choice. Genesis is a universal feed and can be used in all areas with both hard and soft water, each bottle contains a super-concentrate mush that needs to be diluted before use.

Micro Base

The Genesis Microbase is the base for the whole formula, full of trace elements and high in Potasium and Phosphates, Microbase contains the essential nutrients needed to cultivate healthy, vigorous plants. Designed for use during each stage of your plants development along with either Genesis Formula Grow or Bloom.

NPK: 3,10,19


The Genesis Formula Grow Nutrient #2 is specially formulated for rapid growth and accelerated branching. It’s blended with fast acting ammoniacal nitrogen plus calcium for strong, healthy and thriving plants.
NPK: 15,0,


The Genesis Formula Bloom Nutrient #3 promotes flowering and provides additional phosphorus essential for strong bloom, rapid floral development, fruit yield and high quality fruits and vegetables. Use with MicoBase for complete nutrition during flowering or as a supplement with Grow Nutrient #2 to stimulate root development during the plant’s vegetative cycle. Bloom Nutrient #3 is also excellent when used with Microbase for seedlings and cuttings.
Designed with a high phosphorus, potassium and calcium content to encourage bud formation, bloom and root growth.

NPK: 6,15,17

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