New Maxibright 315w CDM Horizon Connect Kit Now available!

New Maxibright 315w CDM Horizon Connect Kit Now available!

The future is here, and its only £249.99, we cant praise this beast enough and for the price, like i said we must cant praise it enough, add this to a 2 x 600w set up to watch your yields and quality increase or replace your existing 2 x 600w cos kits with 3 x 315w CDM kits, less electric and higher quality yields will be your new friend

The Maxibright Horizon connect full fixture grow light kit is the next generation of lighting to help get the most out of your grow room by improving overall plant health, along with increasing yield and improving taste/aromas of fruits at harvest.

Using Philips CDM (Ceramic Discharge Metal-Halide) grow lamps, they emit an intense and bright full light spectrum with high PAR levels that will easily beat any 400w HPS, while using just 315w. There are also 2 choices of lamp available; The Philips MasterColour 942 Daylight that has an increased blue spectrum for improved vegetative growth or the Philips GreenPower 930 Elite Agro with an increased red and fuller light spectrum to help boost yields throughout fruiting.

Then there’s the Horizon connect reflector, first thing you’ll notice is unique shape/size as its measures just 260mm x 210mm x 115m. Its purpose is to be used as supplementary lighting as its wide angle throws the light out, rather than down. Although it can cover a room size of 1.2m x 2.4m, to get the most out of this space, it’s recommended that 2 x standard 600w HPS lights are used either side to help boost your existing set up, or better still, use 3 x Maxibright Horizon Daylight kits. Not only will results improve, they’ll also use less energy, generate less heat and give greater light coverage, it really is a win win situation.

To complete the lighting system, the Maxibright Daylight 315w digital ballast features soft-start technology, allowing the lamp to gently start up on a lower current to avoid any electrical tripping. This helps to extend the lifetime of bulbs. In addition, the Daylight ballast includes end-of-lamp-life detection, short-circuit and thermal protection, auto-reset and dynamic frequency control. The ballast is also lightweight and runs silently.

The Maxibright Daylight 315w kit includes:
1x Maxibright Daylight 315w Digital Ballast
1x Maxibright Horizon connect Reflector
1x Philips Daylight or Elite Agro Grow Lamp

Directions of use:
The reflector should be positioned at the required height dependant on your set-up, ensuring it isn’t too close to the tops of your plants. Always use a dry cloth when holding the lamp and placing it into the lamp holder. This helps to avoid getting any contaminants on the glass from your fingers so you do not unintentionally cause damage to the lamp.
Until your CDM lamps have achieved at least 10 hours of use, they should not be switched off for at least 2 minutes after being switched on. If this does happen, you must leave the lamp switched off for at least 1 hour before switching it back on again. If not, you could damage the lamp, leading to future start up problems.
Also note that the wattage of your ballast must match the wattage of the lamp that you are using otherwise you will damage the equipment. The ballast must never be covered, and should be placed in a well-ventilated area on a flat surface, away from any carpet.

All in all a great piece of kit with the only down side being the bulbs aren’t cheap.. but they are philips.

Kits and lamps are available online and in store at


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