New Product. Airbomz Remote Control Co2 Dispenser

New Product. Airbomz Remote Control Co2 Dispenser

A brand new product landed on my desk this week, in the name of a “AIRBOMZ” A remote controlled ( yes thats right REMOTE CONTROL! ) co2 dispenser, It claims to raise the co2 levels to the desired 1200ppm for a small to medium sized tent or growing environment, I’m not 100% sure how big they class a small/medium grow tent but personal i would say that means 60 x 60cm up to 120cm x 120cm. Its a cool little device with the added feature of remote control, however we was disappointed to see it takes batteries instead of working off the mains but otherwise if the batteries last this could be a nice little product for your 4 plant 1.2m grow tent.

About this product.

AirBomz Remote Control Co2 Dispenser + Cannister

A Brand new co2 product to hit the market, the worlds first remote control Rc Dispener by Airbomz. The dispenser can be remote control activated and controlled by the included remote control. The AirBomz Co2 dispenser dispenses co2 in to your grow room

Co2 can increase yields by up to 40% if used correctly. Not only does it increase yield and growth rate it also has the following benefits.

Airbomz produces no heat and is battery-powered which can increase your yield up to 40%.  It allows higher growing temperatures and humidity, shortens the crop cycle and deters most pests.​​​​​​​

Airbomz can increase the Co2 level in your growroom raised to the desired 1200ppm,
Each unit is suitable for a 1.2-1.5 sqm tent.

Airbomz Co2 Dispenser
1 x  Airbomz Co2 Cannister
2 x Batteries


You can purchase this product online and soon to be in store at


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