Exhale CO2 Bags

Exhale CO2 Bags

Exhale produces CO2 for a minimum of six months to offer a 20 to 30 per cent increase in yield.

Trusted by gardening enthusiasts, exhale costs only pennies a day; a small investment to make for guaranteed results in your indoor garden.

Exhale is maintenance -free produces no heat, and doesn’t require electricity!

With their award-winning genetics, Exhale helps take your garden to the next level of success : healthier plants and a better finished product…

Proudly made in the US by fellow gardeners, the staff at exhale stand behind their products 100% and think it’s time growers give their garden what it wants and needs.

At only 0.17p a day, ExHale is the best investment you can make with genuine results offered.

Once you see the results of increased yield, we guarantee the exhale will be an essential part to your grow room, you may go onto to bigger & better things once you realise the potential.

Small & Large bags available at Hg-hydroponics.co.uk

Call today for next day delivery 0845 643 5523

Drop us an email if you require any assistance with your grow room 🙂


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