Canna Soil, What is the Difference Between Terra Professional and Terra Pro Plus

Canna Soil, Whats The Difference?

Customers always ask me the same thing, Whats the difference between Canna Terra Professional and Canna Terra Professional Plus. Well we’ve decided to make a blog to let all our customers know  and so you can choose what is the best soil for you!

So Here it Goes….

Terra Professional Plus

CANNA Terra Professional Plus is made up from 100% organic raw materials each of which is of the highest possible quality. Top quality white peat is one of the first class ingredients used and tree bark, which is used as a substitute for perlite, is also added. CANNA Terra Professional Plus contains trace elements and chelates, which ensure that the plants are protected as they grow. CANNA Terra Professional Plus is enriched with special feeding mixes that contain all the elements that the plants need for their first week so no extra feeding has to be given. Out of the bag CANNA Terra Professional Plus are preset at an EC of ±1.3 and a pH ±5.8. As well as this CANNA Terra Professional Plus accelerates growth and root development putting the plants in top condition and enabling them to resist disease and attacks from pests.

Terra Professional

CANNA Terra Professional is an enriched growing medium that conforms to the strictest RHP standards. It distinguishes itself from other substrates through its use of first class raw materials, its fine structure and its purity. CANNA Terra Professional is an organic product that has a homogeneous structure, is 100% natural and is free from damaging viruses and potting mix diseases. It has a complex water/air system, which creates the ideal conditions for almost every method of cultivation, and after use it makes an excellent potting mix improver.

So there you have it, the differences between the 2. Which one would you choose? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!

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