Hydroponics: can you really grow without soil at home?

Hydroponics: can you really grow without soil at home?

Until recently, hydroponics or the practice of growing plants in water instead of soil were largely known to one industry, that of large-scale produce farming.

It’s a way of gardening that relies on science and measurements rather than instinct and trial and error, it’s a means to an end rather than a perambulating joy that comes with losing hours pottering around with plants. And, as both kinds of farmers know, it works or at least it does when the levels of water, light and nutrients are correct.

But in the last few years hydroponics have been creeping into people’s homes. Pimped-up gardening trays with LED lamps and complicated watering systems appear in homes on instagram with people sharing their tips and tricks to growing perfectly indoors


And it’s easy to see why hydroponic gardening potentially offers those without gardens or outdoor growing space the opportunity to grow food inside, with very little mess and in a contained space. If you get the conditions right, crops can be grown all year round, rather than just in the seasons they would appear outside.

As a result, a few easy-to-use hydroponics set-ups are being made and marketed to those who may not otherwise want to start fixing up their own lighting rig.

We have a huge range of tents, cabinets and kits that are easy to set up and use even for beginners!

We pride ourselves on knowledge of both equipment and information to help all our customers grow their plants the right way from start to finish!

If you ever have any questions drop us a message on our live chat or and email too info@hg-hydroponics.co.uk


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