How To Take Successful Cuttings

How To Take Successful Cuttings 

Why take cuttings? In any crop a single plant will stand out as being the healthiest, most profilic and simply the best. Being able to genetically replicate this is the best way to increase stock of the best possible plants. Seeds give genetic variation, cuttings (clones) give the grower identical plants to the parent plant.

Step 1

Prepare the parent plant

Start 2-3 days before the cuttings are taken – select a set of suitable growing tips on the parent plant and spray with clonex mist. The amino acids will prepare the growing tips for rooting.

Step 2 


Pour some clone into a dish or shot glass

Step 3 

Taking the cuttings

2 cuts are required! Cut 1 Choose a branch on the parent plant with 2 or 3 sets of leaves, Cut with the scissors just above the node

Cut 2 Trim all but a couple of healthy leaves from the cutting, now using the sterile scalpel make a 45 degree cut just below the next node. The 45 degree angle gives the exposed plant tissue more contact surface area with the clonex

Step 4

Dip and Plant

Take the cutting and immediately dip it into the clonex, ensuring that the bottom couple of centimetres are covered in the gel. Gently push the stem into a root riot cube

Step 5 

Mist and place in Propagator

Once the cuttings are complete, Place the new cuttings in a propagator and mist them with clonex mist. Repeat the misting every 2 days. Ideally place under a propagator T5 Light for 18 hrs per day in a temperature of 23’c DONT allow the cubes to dry out, The moisture level is perfect when there is a slight condensation on the inside of the propagator lid. Once the plants start to show signs of growth lift the propagator lid slightly or open the vents

What is Required?

  • Chosen healthy mother plant
  • Sterile Scalpel
  • Sterile Scissors
  • Clonex & Clonex Mist
  • Shot Glass or Simlar Dish
  • Root Riot Cubes
  • Propagator

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