Sunmaster Hobby Kit 250w-660w Dual Spec

Sunmaster Hobby Kit 250w-660w Dual Spec

Our New Sunmaster Hobby kit gives you all the latest digital features at a Great Price!

About Sunmaster lamps

HPS bulbs are the most common HID to use, especially during flowering, giving off characteristic reddish light. The red in the light spectrum encourages good flower/ fruit growth. It is possible to use HPS during vegetative growth, but only for a week or two. Older plants start to look a little unnatural and ‘lanky’, with large internodal length and brittle stems. For this reason conversion bulbs, or enhanced spectrum bulbs are needed, or even better, a Metal Halide. HPS bulbs can be re-started after about 3 minutes if powered down

Sunmaster Lamps are very similar to Grolux lamps in that they too have been specifically developed for indoor plant growing and are spectrum adjusted to perform well in both vegetative and flowering growth. They are a great option for anyone looking to experiment with different lamps as you may find that the exact spectrum offered by one lamp may suit your plants better than another

The new Sunmaster Hobby digital ballast gives you all the latest digital features at a great price. With four power modes you can run your lamps at normal power, dim your lamps and boost 600W lamps by 10% with Power Boost at the final flowering stage.
Intelligent Ignition prevents electrical surges when multiple ballasts start up.  Soft start technology will gently start your lamps for longer lamp life The Sunmaster Hobby is built with fast lamp re-strike to safely re-ignite hot lamps with minimum stoppage time.  This is the affordable choice of top grade ballast.

Uk made, The new improved euro Reflector has a dimpled aluminium finish for even light distribution, revised reflective angles, curved corners for safety and a parabolic fold above the lamp for a more evn spread of light. It’s open ended design also makes it suitable for low mounting heights. There really is no cheaper way of getting this much valuable light to your plants. Complete Systems available in 250, 400 and 600 under grow light kit section

Overall the kit includes

1 x sunmaster hobby ballast
1 x sunmaster 600w lamp
1 x maxibright euro reflector.
ALL THIS FOR £99.95!!!!
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