Win a FREE! Aerodrome Mini Propagator – simple and effective 100% success!

Aerodrome Mini Propagator – simple and effective 100% success! 

The Aeropod Aeroponic Propagator. Will help you Achieve Perfect seedlings and clones every time with the Aeropod Aeroponic Propagator and from only £29.99 It makes it a very cost effective option indeed. Suitable for seeds, seedlings, clones and plants up to 1-2 weeks old. A great way to feed and prepare your plants ready for you dwc system or other hydroponics system. Can also be then placed in soil or coco pots.

The Aeropod aeroponic propagation system is available in a pot system using 51mm net pots. a great starter hydroponics system to get your seeds, clones or young plants ready and constantly watered before going in to a much larger or main system.

aerodrome aeroponic propagator mini

aerodrome aeroponic propagator mini

This little system solves the problems of hand watering and maintaing the perfect environment and feeding scheduale for your plants.

The idea Is you place your seedling, cutting or early rooted plant in to either the poly disks or in to a rockwool/jiffy cube/clay pebbles and in to the net pot. Fill the nutrient tank with your nutrients and let the the aeroponic sprinkler or mister water your plants from underneath with a fine water/nutrient mix allowing high moisture oxygen and water conent within the rooting systems of your plants producing much quicker and faster developing roots in younger plants than in a standard system or propagator

In only a few days you will end up with healthy green leaves and a strong developing fast healthy root system like you have never seen before. Once the rooting system has been established you can then transplant in to your growing medium, hydroponics soil or coco of choice for the best start to your plants life cycle.

Great for beginners, praised by experts. The areopod aeroponic propagator.

5 Litre Nutrient Bucket
Hailea hx800 Water pump and aeroponic delivery sprinkler . (or upgrade to ultra fine mist fogger option)
4 x 51mm Net pots
4 x Net pot Collars ( for cuttings )
4 x 1″ 1/2 rockwool cubes ( for seeds )
Propagation Dome
Lid insert

Upgradeable or additional ultra sonic mist fogger to add ultra fine mist of water//nutrients to your roots instead of the standard including sprinkler system.

If you are starting with clones we also recommend a good rooting gel like clonex and a good root enhancer like canna rhizotonic to add to the water to develop the rooting system faster.

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You can purchase the aerodrome mini and aerodrome large at

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