Test how noisey your fans and grow room are with a Decibel Meter.

Test how noisey your fans and grow room are with a Decibel Meter.

HG-Hydroponics Review

Do want to know how much noises your ventilation system or growing equipment in general are making? whether it just be for the info or so you can go about making improvements this DB Sound level meter from HG-Hydroponics is just the Answer. Simple, effective and only £19.95. This Sound level Db Meter measures the noise produced by any type of item giving you the correct DB Level produced by the item e.g extraction fan, Db is is the standard format used for measuring sound, once you know your DB Level you can go about trying to make improvements to lower those sound and vibration levels. e.g acoustic ducting, grow room insulation, silencers, acoustic extractor fans, digital equipment over mechanical etc etc. This is  a great little device that fastly and accurately records the sound level with an option to record the highest level reached and they are currently on special offer at ww.hg-hydroponics.co.uk for only £19.95

 Sound Level Db Meter Specification

Sound Level Meter – DB Decibel Meter

Digital Sound Level Meter 30-130dBA Decibel DB Noise Monitor Pressure Tester.

Perfect simple to use device for measuring sound, great for testing how much noise, your fans, lights, ballasts, air condiitioners, ozone generators, growroooms and grow tents are making and learn how to make them quieter.

Measuring range : 30BdA~130dBA
Accuracy : ±1.5dB(94dB@1KHz)
Frequency range : 31.5Hz~8.5KHz
Frequency weighting : A
Digital Display : 4digits
Resolution : 0.1Db
Sample rate : 2 times/second
Microphone : 1/2 inch electrets condenser microphone
Max Hold : MAX
Power supply : 9V Battery
Power life : About 30 hours (alkaline battery)
Operating condition : 0~40℃,10~80%RH
Storage condition :-10~60℃,10~70℃RH
Weight : 144g(including battery)
Dimension : 57*26*149mm

Package Include:

1 X Sound Level Meter
1 X Sponge Ball
1 X User Manual
1 X Battery

Available online and in store from HG-Hydroponics We ship 7000 products Worldwide!

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