4 Pot Dwc Kit from only £99.95 HUGE Yields FAST plant Growth LOW price

4 Pot Dwc Kit from only £99.95 HUGE Yields FAST plant Growth LOW price

HG 4 Pot Dwc Kit

Do you want Bigger better yields with out spending thousands of pounds? Then look no further than the HG pot dwc Kit, With years of hydroponics Knowledge we have put together a cost effective system that will get you incredible results and yields as big as ANY other hydroponic system on the market if not bigger from beginner to expert. You dont need to spend thousands of pounds on the fanciest of gadgets, you just need to know what your doing and what your plants need.

HG 4 pot Dwc “Deep Water Culture” Hydroponics system with central feed and nutrient monitoring station. The 4 Pod Dwc Kit is connected via a central or main bucket that is used to monitor the nutrient levels of the other pods that contain plants with out the hassle of disturbing each individual plant every time to feed and maintain as in single pot systems. The idea is you mix a bucket of nutrients and then add via the main/central bucket which will then dispurse and circulate nutrients/water in to the other connected pods. Each pod is connected in turn to the main central station.

4 pot bubbler kit

4 pot bubbler kit

Each Pod is also connected to an adjustable high powered 4 outlet air pump connected to 4 air stones, one in the bottom of each 25 litre bucket to enable super oxygen rich and aerated nutrient solution that your plants will absoloutly thrive on. WIth out with this mixture of oxygen in the water the plants will drown.

The Plant/clone/seed is grow in a propagation medium such as a rockwool or jiffy cube in a propagator (or straight in the pod with a propagation dome) until roots shown through the example, rockwool propagation cube, once the roots show through you would then place the plant in to the top of each bucket and surround and support each plant with clay balls. We then recommend continuing or starting to use the propgation domes to help with humidity for another week. You would then hand water the plants for a few days until the roots grow down through the clay pebbles and in to the super rich oxygenated water/nutrient solution. The plants then have access to as much oxygen and nutrient as they want. Then with the right mixuture of nutrient and lighting your plants will grow bigger and faster than any soil or coco grown plant you have ever known. Expect fast growth and HUGE yields with this system.

Want to leave your plants for longer periods of time? add a 100 litre auto top system.

If you want to be able to leave your plants for even longer periods of time for examples a holiday then think about adding our auto top up 100l Nutrient tank system. Designed to connect to the main/central pot, Fill the 100 litre tank with nutrient and water. Fit the auto top of vavle in the main central tank and once the water level drops below a certain point in all of your connected pods, the valve will open and let fresh nutrients/water in from your 100 litre storage tank.

You can also add a dripper system! ( not essential )

You can add a dripper system to your 4 pot dwc kit to add two key benefits, One is to eliminate hand watering of  the plants in early stages as the dripper system will do this for you, included is a water pump that sits in your main header/nutrient tanks and connects via flexi tubing with a number of individial feeding tubes and dripper steaks that you spike in to the top of each plant ensuring nutrinents and water are fed directly to the top of the plant. You can then put this pump on a timer for timed feeds while you are away. The dripper system adds the abilty for the nutrients to be also recurculated through out the system as the nutrient is also pumped out of the main feeding tank it causes the nutrients to automatically be pulled from each of the other pods. The dripper system is a great add on and benefit to the 4 pot dwc kit but is not essential


The smallest ideal space this system will fit in with the pots close together is about 85cm x 85cm ( unless you have the main/central pot outside of that area (grow tent) for example. The system comes with a long length of flexitube and air line allowing you to cut as needed giving you the option to have the pods either really close together or with plenty of distance between each pod for larger tents/areas or open spaces.

Available to purchase from Hg Hydroponics from only £99.99
We ship worldwide!

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