No Frills Entry level Dwc Hydroponics Kit only £14.99!!!

No Frills Entry level Dwc Hydroponics Kit only £14.99!!!

A great new entry level piece of kit with out the frills, does the same great job with huge results with out the huge price tag!

Budget Dwc Kit. The Budget Dwc Kit is a great enty level hydroponics system for beginners or budget concious growers. Dwc kits are known to produce some of the largest plants and yields from a single plant.

Dwc = Deep water Culture “hydroponics”

The plant/seed is grown in a growing medium such as rockwool and then instead of it being placed in soil once the roots start to protrude the starter rockwool ( or similar ) then you place the seedling and roots in to a net pot filled with clay pebbles and the net pot then in to the bucket full of water/nutrients You Then dip the plant in to the water/nutrient solution manually every day or so (example) until the roots are long enough to reach the water level, you can then switch on the air pump and let the roots gain access to nutrient solution and air from the air pump with our drowning the plant.

The air pump stays outisde the pot, you connect the air line to the air pump and the air stone at the other end of the pipe, the air stone then goes in to the nutrient solution and runs constantly to keep the nutrients oxygenated.

Simple method, incredible results. This is a budget no frills version that does the job as good as any other.


Pre drilled 10l Bucket
Hailea Air pump
1m air line
golf ball 2″ air stone
4″ Net pot
Small amount of clay pebbles
1 x jiffy organic starter cube

Available to purchase online or instore from

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