Do you have a Pythium Problem? Brown or Slushy roots? slow growth? yellowing leaves? Brown spots? Read more.

Do you have a Pythium Problem? Brown or Slushy roots? slow growth? yellowing leaves? Brown spots? Read more Below to find out how to identify, prevent and sure Pythium which is commonly known as Root Rot or “Brown Roots”

Pythium root rot is one of the worst things that can happen to a grower at any time unexpected and can be catastrophic if not caught and treated properly in time, many a grower has lost many plants because of pythium, if you haven’t had it and are a regular gardener i recommend you take prevention now as trust us when we say its a killer!

Identifing a pythium problem and root root

To identify pythium problems in hydroponics is much easier than in soil as you can usually see the roots and the apparent problem, things to look for which are a sign you have a pythium problem are the following.

– Brown or dark roots
– Slushy brown roots that appear unhealthy
– slight yellowing of the leaves
– Brown spots on the lower part of the stem
– roots that break easy and fall apart.

A slight browning of roots towards the end of a plants life is often normal but if you are not realy sure treat them anyway, prevention is always the best cure.

How to cure pythium root root

As i just mentioned prevention is the best cure and if you have had a pythium problem before then you have definitely learnt the hard way, pythium can be nightmare to get rid of and can often mean an entire grow room clean down from top to bottom including carpets and any materials near by which could allow pythium to grow or contaminate.

If you think you have a pythium or root rot problem and you need a cure, then in hydroponic systems the best answer is a Vecton UV sterilisation unit to treat your nutrient solution. If you are on a budget or small scale with a small hobby tank then a combination of good root zone and solution temperature, air movement in the water, and a good product to fight the infection like  flair form Pythoff, Microbial or plant magic pythoff tabz can be added straight in to the tanks.

In pots and hydro systems the use of a good enzymatic product like advanced nutrients Sensi Zym or Hygrozyme is very popular and will build bigger, stronger, healthier root mass and generally boost the plant helping to resist infection.

Pythium root rot Prevention

Remove anything that can hold and contain moisture that isn’t needed in the grow room e.g. carpets etc, regularly clean down all hydroponic systems and cleaners with things like essentials room clean or oxygenated liquids or ona bleach is a really good new product

You can use Trichoderma to prevent future infection of young uninfected plants/clones. Trichoderma infects the root zone with a beneficial mould which prevents the plant from contracting any other harmful pathogens.

 Enzymatic products like Sensi Zym, CannaZym and Hygrozyme seriously help bolster good new root growth, and increase the roots efficiency to fight off disease.

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