Leds Grow lights, are they any good? HG Hydroponics Review

Led grow light

HG Hydroponics Review on Led Grow lights, are they any good? Heres out thoughts.

Yes if you use them correctly, don’t expect miracles and get them from a reputable company and not off ebay of direct from china. There is a massive amount of rubbish out there offering spectacular claims that is nothing more than bright disco/car lights. Cheap is not best here by a long shot. Investment and research is key if you are going to go down the route of leds

Led Grow Lights. Manufacturers and brands make all kinds of claims, what we know from customer feedback is that they are great for seeds, veg, clones, and for reducing heat and electric costs in the flowering stages but in the flowering stages we advise using alongside hps still for the best results. We think leds lack that density produced by hps lighting in the flowering stages. However if heat and electric are a massive concern many customers do use from start to finish with a great compromise.

Quick Answer is yes, yes they do, however like with everything there are pros and cons good and bad points.

The Good.

Low heat,

Low electric and power usage

Low heat signature

Can be put very close to the plants

lasts for 50,000 hours

Can have multiples very close together

Great for seedlings, clones and vegetive growth

Great as additional or complimentary lighting alongside hps

most suited for low height or auto flowering plants in particular

The Bad

New Technology not yet taken on by the major brands

Still early stages yet progress is coming on fast

Not great for high density plants due to low penetration

( meaning they need to be close to the plants and in turn don’t penetrate through tall dense plants as well as other lighting)

Very expensive compared to hps and other lighting options but again getting cheeper

Tests have shown a 30% decrease in yields and flower density compared to hps lighting

When the boards or  1 x led goes, the unit is useless unless under warranty

led grow lights

led grow lights

If you have heat worrys or problems then they are a compromise  but they are best suited for veg clones and early growth, as results aren’t are great as the same wattage hps equivalents. so use alongside hps in flowering for the best of both worlds most optimum results.

We offer led grow lights specifically made for the horticultural industry from 135w to 900w from a variety of market leading brands.

In our opinion when money and heat is no object, by far hps light kits, high pressure sodium and MH – metal halide lighting are still far superior in terms of results and overall quality however leds are getting better and better year on year. Plasma lighting is possibly another future of lighting, its an amazing option but very expensive. Leds are an option for many but light cfl lighting, you gain on electric and heat costs but you lose out on yields.

On results we have seen in start to finish side comparisons of leds and hps the led grown plants had around 25-30% less yields that was around 25% less dense than the hps grown flowers.

Our advice would be T5 cfls or leds for veg, and hps for flowering or hps and leds.

We have a massive range of all the best lighting on our webstore

available online and in store from www.hg-hydroponics.co.uk

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