Plant Magic Plus Bio Silicon – made for the uk market

Plant Magic Plus Bio Silicon

BioSilicon is specially formulated for soil / compost applications containing a unique blend
of humic and silicate to ensure optimum availability.

Plant magic is specifically designed for the uk market in mind although can be used worldwide it is specifically tailored to work with uk water, Plant magic was released a couple of years ago now and has been a great seller with some outstanding feedback, definitely here to stay, some customer swear by it and only it.

Silicon is not easily available from the soil, that’s why using this special blend will ensure that your crop benefits from many aspects giving tastier and larger fruit.

Benefits of Bio-Silicon

BioSilicon will strengthen the cell walls of plants resulting in

the following:

Improved photosynthetic activity

Increased yields

Stronger stems and stalks

Improved resistance to pathogenic fungi

Improved heat tolerance

Improved resistance to pests

How to Use 

Foliar: Dilute 1ml to 2 litres of water.

Drench: Dilute 1ml – 1.5ml to 1 litre of water. Use with every watering until harvest.

Available in 3 sizes! click here to purchase from only £6.99

Available on line and in store from

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