NEW! PLANT!T Titan M Flood and drain kit

Titan Medium Flood and Drain Kit

A great sturdy and well made system, especially for the price, comes complete with pump and fittings, top tray and bottom tray, the pump goes i the bottom tray, you will the tank with nutrients and pump the water from the tank to the top tray… when you turn the pump off the tray drains back to the nutrient tank via an outlet. ( add a timer to the pump of automatic feeding ) and thats about it, its as simple as that… flood and drain, main advantage being you can feed your plats 6-7t times a day when fully growing ensuring your plants grow bigger and fast than soil grown plants

it also comes with a reversible plastic reflectic top sheet to stop light hitting the roots, water or medium, the plastic top sheet is black on one side and white on the other.

titan m flood and drain kit

titan m flood and drain kit

The PLANT!T titan is a NEW range of table-based Flood and Drain hydroponic systems; popular growing systems for the more experienced grower. PLANT!T titan systems are available in four different sizes and are custom designed to be the best you can get!

The range consists of the titan S (approx. 660m x 770mm x 375mm, fits 0.76m and 1m growtents), titan M (approx. 1060mm x 735mm x 370mm, fits 1m and 1.2m growtents), titan L (approx. 1075mm x 1195mm x 410mm, fits 1.2m growtents) and the titan XL (approx. 2390mm x 1075mm x 410mm, fits 2.4m growtents).

The PLANT!T titan XL features two titan L Flood and Drain tables. All PLANT!T titan systems are supplied with innovative, multi-layer table covers, which are white on top and black underneath. These are lightproof, whilst still giving great reflection, reflecting light above and excluding light below.

The PLANT!T plastic covers are stronger than typical corrugated plastic, but still easy to cut for plant spacing.

There are 6-7 different sized models and shapes in the plant !t Titan range, all available to order online from

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