Xmas SPECIAL OFFER! 600w Eurolux Light kit – £58.99!!!

Xmas SPECIAL OFFER! 600w Eurolux Light kit – £58.99!!!

Limited time offer while stocks last, 600w hps bulb, maxi bright euro reflector and 600w eurolux ballast with 2 year guarantee

 Eurolux Budget 600w hps light kit Our cheapest 600w light kit that has good build quality, reliabilty and does what it says it will on the box so to speak. we know other companys offer even cheaper options but we are NOT willing to sell anything less than quality or products we wouldnt use ourselves.

When you buy extremely cheap lighting… unfortunately its what you get, cheap components and cheap equipment not built to the required standards to save money. At hydro grow we understand hydroponics and the plants needs and we know that cheap 600w lights through testing and customer feedback that they tend not to be the 600watts you are expecting and thats not even mentionining the life span and lack of built in safety features of cheap lighting….

The bottom line is if you buy ultra cheap imported lights by non reputable manufacturers then you may save £20 -£30 but your end results will suffer 10 x that amount. Trust us! ( and if you dont get your self a light lumen meter )

So just remember cheap lights are fine but if you go to cheap your plants will suffer. this is the bottom line option in our opion, we could and can sell even cheaper options but we dont, there just not worth even the little money they are sold for so make sure when you are buying a budget light, that its budget in price, not budget in quality!

About the Eurolux Budget 600w hps light kit

The Eurolux 600w magnetic ballast comes with a 1 year guarantee
cool running
Comes with  eurolux 600w lamp
Comes with eurowing reflector with 3m cord

This light is from a premium uk supplier, it is not a cheap chinese imported ebay light.

Click here to purchase directly for this limited timer offer price of £58.99, Usual price is £69.99. Price while stock last!

www.hg-hydroponics.co.uk – uk online hydroponics megastore

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