New! Hg Recommended grow tent Kit. What we would spend out money on!

New! Hg Recommended grow tent Kit. What we would spend out money on!

Check out our latest pre made grow tent package from

We offer a fair few different grow tent packages and kit for mother plants, single plants, multiple plants, soil, coco, hydro, beginner, expert etc etc, however we have had a lot of people asking us recently… “yeah, but what would you buy if it was your money” well this is it, the hg recommended grow tent, a mixture of some of the best value and yielding products from around the globe, not the most expensive, not the most profitable and not what benefits us to sell but what we would choose with £1000 of our own money to set up a good small growing environment that will produce maximum results yields and growth rate.

This kit is a mixture of the best brands and best value, as you know you can spend £60 on a grow light… or £600… what you need is the medium between actual results and quality with out buying unnecessary or over made and over thought items, start up costs are important after all, but remember if you spend to little or go to cheap you will shoot your self in the long run results wise.

We have been doing this 10 years, we know the Bull Sh*T from the Good Sh*T.

This kit is designed for 4 medium to large scale plants on an automatic feeding system, which includes a wilma bi4 4 pot hydroponic system which is one of the most simple, effecitve and best selling hydroponics systems that we sell. A great entry level system that produces expert results, especially along side the included pro advanced nutrient range. Get ready to get serious results. This system and kit is suitable for growing all types of tropical and indoor/outdoor plants.

Whats included with this tent package

1 x Secret Jardin Dr120 grow tent ( 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m tall )
1 x Canadian sun light system low rider air cooled 6″ reflector
1 x green power phillips 600w bulb ( arguebly the best )
1 x maxibright pro digital variable ballast adjustable from 250w – 600w
1 x 2ft 4 way T5 Pro Fluro Light – For seeds, clones and early veg stages ( low heat and power )
1 x Rkw Ruck german Extractor fan with built in speed control and thermostat
1 x 6″ rhino Pro Acoustic insulated ducting
1 x Rhino pro 6″ carbon filter
1 x 4 pot wilma BIG 4 inc pots, fittings and pump
1 x 45l Clay Pebbles growing medium
1 x propergation starter kit Inc medium
1 x Triden 3 in 1 Nutrient, ph & temp meter.
1 x Advanced nutrient 1l sensi grow
1 x Advanced nutrient 1l sensi bloom
1 x Advanced nutrient 1l voodoo juice
1 x Advanced nutrient 1l Big Bud
1 x Advanced nutrient 1l overdrive
1 x Advanced nutrient 1l B-52
1 x 250ml ph down
1 x 250ml ph up

We will also throw in the following useful items

1 x rope ratchets or easy rolls for easy light lowering
2 x syringes
2 x packs of 6″ ducting clips
1 x Root it First Feed for small and young plants

RRP – £1399.99
Individual price £1286.99
Currently All for an amazing £999.99

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