Hortilux HSE Daylight.. The Best Light on the Market!!

The HSE Daylight 315w Increase yields by up to 20%

The HSE Daylight fixture provides almost the same light spectrum as daylight, so this fixture is perfect for use in areas without any daylight, such as cultivation areas at testing stations or in industrial buildings. The fixture is fitted with a low-energy electronic ballast that ensures a long service life. The fixture meets all current and future durability requirements. In the case of the HSE Daylight fixture the spectrum has been modified to provide a colour reproduction that is as natural as possible.

Tests show this is one of the best grow lights on the planet, add this along side a premium hps and use it from start to finish along side for the best results you will ever see. Yes thats right, this plus a premium hps like the hse 600w floweing light and use this light from veg to floweing and you will be gob smacked! literally! the output this light gives is astonishing, the components and bulbs are phillips where as im sure you know are right at the top of the ladder and produce the fnest equpment around.

The Hortilux HSE Daylight electronic ballast gives a light spectrum so close to natural sunlight that plant growth is enhanced, with improved plant structure from day one leading to higher quality yields.

Plants have evolved to grow under all the spectrums of light that the sun emits – in indoor horticulture this has been enhanced to give the plants just the right light they need during certain periods of growth.

The Hortilux HSE Daylight emits a near full spectrum of light to be as close of a replication of the sun as possible, giving the plants the near-natural light that they’ve evolved to grow beneath.  This is called Daylight Spectrum.

Daylight Spectrum lighting is proven to prevent branches stretching and encourages a more natural internode formation (Much less far apart) for increased plant mass.

System Features:

Highly efficient grow light output 1.56 um ol s-1 w-1

Daylight spectrum inc. UVB for enhanced natural plant growth.

Miro aluminium reflector (up to 97% reflectivity)

Ideal for all stages of plant growth

Stable full spectrum output over a long life span.

Supplied with Phillips MASTERColour CDM-TMW Elite 315W/942 EL Lamp



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