Large Stealth Grow Cabinet Complete Package! £949.99

Complete Kit  – everything you need from start to finish! Just add seeds and water!

 We are the sole supplier of the “Large Stealth Grow Cabinet” in the uk!

Now comes with digital lighting as standard!

Grow plants 3-4 bigger 3-4 as quick with Our all new Large stealth grow cabinet. Our latest mk3 twin chamber grow room, grow up to 20 small plants in each chamber or 6 medium/large. Just add seeds and water, comes with everything you need from start to finish. Our Twin Chamber system allows you to grow plants in to seperate stages at once rapidly reducing turn around times by up to 8 weeks.

About The Large Stealth Grow Cabinet!
We are the sole supplier and producer of the large stealth grow cabinet in Europe, The large stealth grow  cabinet is an amazing piece of kit that produces unbeliveable results within a self contained growing enviroment. It uses the latest in hydroponic equipment, lighting, odour removal and environment control, all built in and confined within in an inconspicous steel Unit!

It has 2 seperate chambers, 1 with a high powerd hps light and the other with a cool fluro specially designed for seeds, clones and yong plants that are not yet ready to handle the hps light, it also includes a height adjustable shelf! The main purpose of the dual chamber is to allow you to grow plants in 2 stages at once cutting turn around times i half!

The Large stealth cabinet comes with a 150w 250w or 400w wat high presure sodium lighting Kit with plenty of room for a  hydroponic system or automated soil system!  The unit comes a basic case/light/fan/filter package or as a complete kit with  everything you need to grow from start to finish!
You can grow from 1 – 20 plants in each chamber, its entirely up to you! 6 large or 10 medium or 20 small
The unit has very low running costs but still produces unbeliveable results using the latest technology . Everything is contained within an odorless, lockable growing enviroment, that is sophisticated on the inside and very ordinary on the outside

There are also ovwr 20 upgradable options available at the bottom of the page so you can design th cabinet to your needs.

Over View
Comes with everything you need from start to finish! just add seeds and water
Plants grown in hydroponics grow 3-4 x bigger and quicker than soil grown plants
Light proof
Reinforced Locks
Beautifully powder coated
10 year Guarantee on the Grow cabinet!
Very Discreet
Yields up to 40%more than cabinets that costs twice as much!
Low electricty costs
plants can grow up to to 3ft tall
Very Reliable
Dual Chamber


  • Manufactued from 23 gauge sheet steel
  • Full length door stiffeners
  • Flush easy twist handles with espagnolette locking mechanism (2 keys)
  • Nylon bushed 6mm steel hinge pins
  • Durable, scratch resistant, epoxy powder coat finish
  • 5 year warranty on cabinetBuilt in 4″ Rvk Extractor Fan – 100 mm 175 m3 & combined “can carbon filter”
    Can Carbon filter
    NFT Nutrient tank
    150w High qaulity digilight maxibright digital Ballast (upgradeable)

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