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  • GrowGadgets plug in ozone generator, When pollutants such as odour, bacteria or viruses come into contact with ozone they are destroyed by oxidation.The plug in ozone generator penetrates carpets, walls, light features
  • Secret Jardin Pro Star 60w Cfl Bulb Cfl fluorescent grow lamps are the perfect lamp for growers who require an efficent alternative to hps, low energy and low heat they are a great alternative.
  • LUMII "Black" 600w Magnetic Ballast, Brand new from lumii for 2017 The all new Lumii "black" Range, an all New high quality but ultra value range of products. A Great ballast for MH & HPs Bulbs
  • New! Lumii Heavy Duty Timer & Contactor Normal household timers are not built to take the high inductive loads produced by HID ballasts.
  • The all new G-tools G-kit Bonanza 250w grow box cabinet range from g-tools improved equipment, improved design and improved look! The best cabinets direct from holland now available online from hg-hydroponics
  • Grow plants 2-3 x bigger and 2x3 as quick with our all new mini stealth grow cabinet, It is one of the most discreet grow box's on the market! Grow 1 to 20 plants from start to finish with Excellent results either in soil, coco or hydroponics.
  • Lumii Black 600w Digital Light kit 250w-660w, This 600w electronic ballast kit comes with an open ended and polished LUMii BLACK reflector with LUMii BLACK 600w HPS Lamp and LUMii Rope Ratchets.
  • Green Qube Grow Tent GQ120 Green-Qube grow tents provide cutting edge, innovative design that is easy-to-assemble, strong and durable. These tents were designed and built to last. If you see a Green-Qube grow tent can instantly see the difference between it and the other tents on the market.
  • Lumii Lift x 2 adjustable hanging system Simply attach the LUMii Lift onto a firm fixture using cable ties or chain. You can then suspend your item from the attached carabineer hook.
  • LUMII Aerotube 5" 125mm, The Lumii AeroTube is the latest inline air cooled reflector. When used in conjunction with ducting and fans this innovative product allows air to flow through the reflector.
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